Codman Shoulder Society

est. 2014
A group committed to recording the "end result" for every patient, determining best practices and optimizing outcomes in shoulder surgery, just as Dr. Codman envisioned.

"Give me something that is different, for there is a chance of it being better..."


The Codman Shoulder Society (CSS) is a group consisting of Dr. Warner and Dr. Higgins' former fellows that meets annually at the conclusion of the San Diego Shoulder Institute held in June. Our alumni group was given this name in honor of the father of the "End-Result" concept, Dr. Ernest Amory Codman. The CSS and its annual meeting are used to foster development of former fellows' careers and simultaneously provide evidence-based work to support shoulder care. 


Our mission is to look for questions worth answering and then to partner together to do so as an international consortium of orthopedic surgeons.


"The common sense notion that every hospital should follow every patient it treats, long enough to determine whether or not the treatment has been successful, and then to inquire, 'If not, why not?' with a view to preventing similar failures in the future"


Dear C.S.S. Members and Colleagues:

Please find enclosed an inspirational message (click here) from my good friend and mentor, Christian Gerber. I invite you all to attend an unprecedented event. The 5th meeting of the Codman Shoulder Society will feature the insights and inspiration of two giants in shoulder innovation, Christian Gerber and Gilles Walch. Please see our meeting overview listed on our website. 

Kind Regards,


Dear All CSS Members:

Enclosed is a reprint of an article by Ioannidis (click here for article). It highlights why most of the evidence upon which we base our decisions is so weak. Frankly, most of our retrospective, cohort studies which are level 4 are nothing more than an inaccurate snapshot of what we think we achieve with our surgery. Thus, if value is our goal, we really can't distinguish which treatment is best. Even Leve...

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