"The Economics of Proximal Humerus Fractures: What Should We Know" by Joseph Zuckerman, MD

Dear Colleagues: I believe this short video by Joseph Zuckerman may be of interest for anyone faced with treating Proximal humerus fractures. It considers value and especially the reality of cost. Please also note my comments to his video. To access this you must sign into Vumedi and if you are not a member you can join for free. Please follow this link here to the Vumedi video. Best Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

An Invitation to 5th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting

Dear C.S.S. Members and Colleagues: Please find enclosed an inspirational message from my good friend and mentor, Christian Gerber. I invite you all to attend an unprecedented event. The 5th meeting of the Codman Shoulder Society will feature the insights and inspiration of two giants in shoulder innovation, Christian Gerber and Gilles Walch. Please see our meeting overview listed on our website. Kind Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

Hail and Farewell to Laurence D. Higgins, MD, MBA

Dear fellow CSS Members and visitors: It is my pleasure to post this message (see link here) wishing Larry Higgins Hail and Farewell to his new career. Please join me in celebrating what he has done in innovating clinical care for his shoulder patients and teaching us all about value-based care. Kind Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

"Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" - Ioannidis

Dear All CSS Members: Enclosed is a reprint of an article by Ioannidis (click here for article). It highlights why most of the evidence upon which we base our decisions is so weak. Frankly, most of our retrospective, cohort studies which are level 4 are nothing more than an inaccurate snapshot of what we think we achieve with our surgery. Thus, if value is our goal, we really can't distinguish which treatment is best. Even Level I, Prospective Randomized studies (which are difficult to do in surgery) are often proven wrong by similar studies. Thus, if our mission is to provide the best evidence for our treatment in order to deliver value, we are standing on very unstable ground with the evid

Request for Program Committee for 5th Annual Meeting and Ad Hoc BOD for CSS

Dear Codman Shoulder Society Members: I am writing on two accounts: First, I anticipate a great meeting this June as Gilles Walch and Christian Gerber will be our honored visitors and Provocateaurs. I like to ask for volunteers to a program committee who will help me formulate the best program for our group. My sense is we should use their expertise to help is with understanding what we still don’t know about rotator cuff tears and their treatment and also arthritis. I am also interested in their approaches to Innovation from a scientific and commercial point of view. After all, no innovation is successful unless it generates a profit so interaction with industry is an essential ingredient.

Avant Garde Health Value Summit

An opportunity to inform yourself on Value and contemporize your approach to shoulder care… Dear Colleagues: I recently attended a meeting, which is an outgrowth of The Value-Based Care Initiative championed at HBS by Prof. Michael Porter and Prof. Robert Kaplan. I am happy and excited to introduce you to this group and share with you some of my notes from the meeting. The agenda and content of the meeting is included: click link here for access to the program report. For those of you with a business background, this will resonate as a great company in the making. And for those of you with an interest in value-based care, be advised, this is your future. So, all should be informed. Here is a

2017 Codman Shoulder Society Meeting

Dear C.S.S. Members and interested parties: I hope you all have had the opportunity to look at the report of last year's meeting. It was a very intense meeting with so much value and I find myself frequently going back and visiting it. I welcome you telling colleagues to take a look as it was a huge effort on the part of our team to put this together. It is intended to be a point of focus for ideas and development. I will also soon be posting in "Warner's Corner" some additional interesting experiences and ideas from my recent work with Harvard Business School etc. It is time to plan next years meeting which will be our 5th meeting. We will have Gilles Walch and Christian Gerber as our Estee

Value-Based Shoulder Care: Volume vs Value

Dear Fellow Codman Shoulder Society (C.S.S.) Members: Presented here are two articles which you may find interesting. Please click here to access the articles: Weinheimer et al and Warner et al. The first, by Weinheimer and colleagues, “Patient Outcomes as a Function of Shoulder Surgeon Volume: A systematic review”, is a meta-analysis of the literature on total shoulder arthroplasty and rotator cuff repair. It concludes that surgeon volume (experience) is a major factor for surgical complications and cost of care. This confirms what Higgins and coauthors, as well as others, have already shown previously. The second article is a commentary authored by Dr. Laurence D. Higgins and myself entitl

Mayo Tendon Transfer Meeting 2017

Dear C.S.S. Members: Enclosed is a sample of some of the lectures at the recent Mayo Tendon Transfer course: Part I & Part II. Congratulations to Joaquin & Bassem for elevating the art and science of shoulder surgery for the benefit of our patients. Thank you to all the innovative and courageous surgeons who selflessly gave of their time to come to Mayo and teach their colleagues. Finally, thank you to Mayo Clinic for supporting a state-of-the art course with a fantastic laboratory as the final icing on the educational cake that Joquin and Bassem baked for us. I strongly recommend that you consider the next course they will certainly do. It will greatly benefit your patients. Kind Regards, J

"Things That Matter"

Dear Codman Shoulder Society, Recently, I have had the pleasure to present a lecture for the MacOrtho Leadership Series at McMaster University. I decided to present on "Things That Matter," a title that I borrowed from the Book by Charles Krauthammer of the same name. His book speaks about a life philosophy based on purpose and passion. My goals is to share with you some insights of my own purpose and passion, and in so doing, perhaps offer some inspiration for your own personal journey. Please click here to see the lecture I presented. Best Regards, Jon J.P. Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

Balgrist Shoulder Course

Dear C.S.S. Members, Enclosed is my summary of the Balgrist Shoulder Course held last week in Zurich. The document includes cases discussed at the conference, a few presentations, as well as a tour and views of the new research center at the Balgrist Campus. Enjoy! Click here to view the PDF. Best Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

AAOS Scientific Exhibits and Posters: Dr. Warner's Take

Dear C.S.S. Members, Enclosed is my take on key shoulder posters and scientific exhibits from AAOS, with commentary. I hope this helps you in your practice. I'd be interested to hear any comments you have. Click here to view the PDF. Best Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, MGH Shoulder Service Boston Shoulder Institute Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society