The Challenge of SCR Validation

Dear All: One of the Value add-ons of this group is conversations like this which allow us to crowdsource experts for our patients and highlight what we don't know. In this particular instance, we are discussion a "promising" new technique, namely SCR, but we have different ideas about for whom it is best treatment. Moreover, the few articles written on this are very optimistic about their successes. One can't help but imagine there may be more than one kind of confounding variable of bias in such small cohort studies. I'll remind you that Bhandari made us all aware that fragility due to small N in retrospective cohort studies usually means the conclusions are probably not valid. Furthermore

Soft Anchors for Labral Repair

Dear CSS Members: How many of you use “soft anchors” for labral repair. This nice article highlights concerns about late anchor failure due to tunnel enlargement and is worth your consideration (Click Here). Regards, JP Warner, MD

Measure What Matters

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I wanted to share with you a book, which you might find of interest. As many of us probably face barriers in our aspirations to be purposeful and productive in our organizations and businesses, I though “Measure what Matters” by John Doerr might be a useful read for you during the summer. This New York Times Best Seller provides insights into the most successful businesses, which have used the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) approach to create alignment and reward performance as a prescription for success. John Doerr is one of the most successful Venture Capitalists of all time. He provided initial venture funds for start-up of Google and he drove INTEL’s su

Executive Program at Harvard Business School

Dear CSS Members and colleagues: Please take note as this is an excellent Executive Program at Harvard Business School that you may wish to consider (Click Here). Regards, JP Warner, MD

This is the Biggest Regret in Life Most People Have

Why do we do what we do and what is inspiration? Here is an article about what you might regret later in your life if you don’t let inspiration be your guide (Click here). [endif] JP Warner, MD