Precision OS Virtual Reality Kit Opportunity

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues, Enclosed you will find a message from Dr. Danny Goel. Please take into account his invitation: Some of you may be aware of virtual reality and simulation based training. I am involved with a company that is creating educational modules (Precision OS). They are working towards completing a module (to be done by December 2018) for an augmented base plate. At no expense to you, the company has offered to provide you with a VR kit (which includes a computer and VR head mount display with controllers) to be used at your institutions for your residents and fellows. Please advise if you would be interested in using this tool to supplement your resident/fellows e

The True Costs of Orthopedic Care

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: More than 100 years ago E. Amory Codman recognized that Value required an understanding of not only the outcome of treatment but the true costs of care. Avant-Garde Healthcare has moved this concept forward with a data analytics method which offers accurate measurement of the true costs of Orthopedic Care. Indeed, recent work by Dr. Andy Jawa (one of our CSS Members) and others have started to apply this approach to shoulder care. Enclosed is a recent Wall Street Journal Article which describes this important work. Those of you who attended the last CSS Meeting in San Diego at the San Diego Shoulder Institute, 2018 may remember Derek Haas the CEO of Avant-Gar

Congratulations to BSI Fellow Dr. Eric Wagner, Winner of the Cofield Award

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: We are pleased to extend our greatest congratulations to Boston Shoulder Institute Fellow Dr. Eric Wagner for winning the Cofield Award at ASES Fellows’s Day at the 2018 San Diego Shoulder Institute. Dr. Wagner presented his paper on The Learning Curve Associated with Superior Capsule Reconstruction. Best Regards, Jon JP Warner

Levine vs. Warner: Orthopedics This Week Debate

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: The latest edition of Orthopedics This Week features a debate between Dr. William Levine and myself concerning the use of a hemiarthroplasty versus a reverse shoulder replacement for an active 70-year-old with a comminuted proximal humerus fracture. Click here to follow if this is of interest. Best Regards JP Warner, MD

Michael Porter's Value-Based Health Care Intensive Seminar

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I am pleased to recommend to you a fantastic opportunity to learn from the world’s leading authority on Value-Based Healthcare. I did this program in 2012 and it resulted in a complete pivot in my career. Please take a moment to look at the enclosed link and see if it is something that might be of interest to you. Regards, JP Warner, MD

The Three Types of People Who End Up the Wealthiest

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: The value of wealth in my opinion, is to give you freedom to do what you want to enrich your life without worrying about “work”. Then “work” can become something else and something you enjoy and might not be inclined to call “work.” The enclosed article speaks to the issue of wealth. I’d challenge each of you to try and be a “Dreamer” though a “Virtuoso” doesn’t do too bad either. Best, JP Warner, MD

The Growing Financial Burden of Administrative Costs

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues Healthcare costs continue to grow but you might be unclear about what is contributing to this added cost. These articles shed light on the growing financial burden of administrative costs. I wonder if other industries are affected with the same vertical growth of management or if we are unique in healthcare? Perhaps one of you knows the answer. For the Becker's Spine Review Article, click here. For the Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research Study, click here. Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD

Blueprint Virtual Planning for Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a link to a series of video presentations regarding Blueprint Virtual Planning for Shoulder Arthroplasty. Codman said “Show me something different for there is a chance of it being better.” He would probably approve of these developments. To be sure, this is proprietary and I have a conflict of interest with this technology. That said, VR, AR, and ML will revolutionize what we all do in the coming decade so consideration of these new technologies is necessary if we are to look for new ways to give our patients value. Many other versions of this are available from other companies and I welcome any of you to send me links to post for the group. My