Technology and Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: You are all by now well aware of the major impact that new technology is making on shoulder arthroplasty. This will continue with even more effect. In the area of VR, there are several new companies developing this technology as a useful tool to train surgeons and improve patient outcomes. Danny Goel is Founder and CEO of Precision OS, a company leading the way for VR training. Enclosed is an announcement of how a large educational organization is backing this technology. We will be discussing more about this in the future Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Technology, Healthcare, and the Codman Shoulder Society

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Are you a “techno-optimist” or a “techno-pessimist”? Atul Gwande, in the enclosed article considers the evolution of the electronic medical record (in this case EPIC), the overall impact of technology on healthcare, and physician burnout. The reality is that we are in the midst of an enormous socio-economic transformation of healthcare. As physicians, we are tasked with adopting new technologies which seemingly increase our work, challenge our enthusiasm, but promise better patient care coordination and treatment outcomes. Indeed, all technological innovation presents the initial barrier of adoption. Take for example, patient-specific planning (Blueprint® an

Hospital Budgets and Innovation

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an article about how hospital budgets impeded innovation we may seek to undertake. I hope this is of interest to you. Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Managing Organizations

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I am constantly thinking about the context of current problems and future solutions, especially in the context of the culture of Healthcare organization in which we all work. We all of us might consider opportunities we may have to improve the culture of the organizations in which we work. One way is to advocate for our own opportunities to be involved in the success of our organization. By this I mean that structural change that might benefit an organization by allowing it to take advantage more fully of the creative talent of its people. Do you feel like you are an island in your organization? Much of your risk of burnout is the feeling that you are reg

The Making of a Corporate Athlete

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a graphic from HBS entitled “The Making of a Corporate Athlete”. Sometimes jokes tell the real story. Regards, JP Warner, MD

Motivate Me, Please

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Please find enclosed a document from Harvard Business School entitled “Motivate me, Please.” It links to several other interesting articles that may be useful to you in your workplace. Whether you are a surgeon or work for a company, you may find some helpful insights here. Kind Regards, Jon JP Warner, MD Founder, Codman Shoulder Society

It's Okay to be Type A

Dear Colleagues: For all the Type A’s in this group, here is are a few articles that might help you with perspective: 1. Working Like Crazy May Actually Be, Well, Crazy 2. 101 Ways Live, Work and Goof Off More Ambitiously Best Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Emotional Intelligence vs. Talent

Dear Colleagues and CSS Members: I thought you might be interested in this article which speaks to the issue of EQ vs Talent. This is relevant to all of us and our growth in our own organizations. It is also relevant to us as managers. Best Regards, JP Warner, MD