An Interview with Bill George

Dear CSS Members and Colleages: Enclosed is a link to an interview with Bill George an expert in Leadership at Harvard Business School. There is also a link to his free ebook entitled, "Discover Your New North". Most of us can benefit from his common sense advice. Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD

The Secret to Negotiating

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: We all of us have to negotiate from time to time. This includes our business and our personal relationships. This article might be of interest to you before you negotiate your next deal or agreement. Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD

How to Overcome Fear and Accomplish Your Goals in 2019

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a short article I thought might be of interest to those of you who will make a New Year's Resolution not to fear success. Happy New Year, JP Warner, MD

Leadership Presence

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: You should READ THIS ARTICLE. Whether you are a leader or aspire to a higher position in your organization or Department, it is a good idea to have a plan for how to develop “presence”. This is a necessary attribute for success in a world where we must realize we are the product ourselves. This is an article from a book I read at Harvard Business School. It is an easy read. Think about your own situation when you consider this. Kind Regards, Jon “JP” Warner, MD Founder, Codman Shoulder Society

Avant-Garde Healthcare Highlights

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I will soon be posting the preliminary program for our 2019 CSS meeting. This year the theme will be twofold: Measurement to deliver Value with specific attention to shoulder care Disruptive Innovation in Large Organizations: Successes, Failures, and missed opportunities. You may remember my posting on Avant-Garde Health a Data-Analytics company committed to improve value of care for orthopedics. Derek Hass, their founder and President will be participating the coming year’s CSS meeting and so I am enclosing a posting from him on this organizations activities. More to follow. This meeting will be a departure from the usual surgical considerations but it will