Wisdom of Rick Matsen

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I am happy to share with you the reflections of a shoulder giant, Dr. Rick Matsen. His article entitled “Discovery” shares with us his “True North” and how we might navigate best treatments for our shoulder patients. His insights span years of experience and the emergence of new technologies, some of which he has conceived, and he makes some interesting statements about the current state of shoulder surgery. These are worthy of reflection and comment. For example: About Shoulder Arthroplasty: “Computed tomography scans are rarely necessary.” “It is not necessary to correct glenoid retroversion when performing most total shoulder arthroplasties.” “…a standard

God Does Not Hire Accountants in Heaven

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a short article by Clayton Christensen of HBS. He is something of a legend when it comes to concepts of “Innovation”. The bottom line is the heading in this article entitled “God Does Not Hire Accountants in Heaven.” Food for thought if you have the time to read this. Best, JP Warner Founder, CSS

The Age of Entrepreneurism

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues. Enclosed is an article entitled “Age and High Growth Entrepreneurship” sent to me by one of my classmates at HBS. I thought it would be of particular interest as I am guessing the average age of those who will see this message is around 43-45? While this article by Azoulay et al considers the age of successful entrepreneurs from the standpoint of their start-ups, I would suggest that every one of you is an entrepreneur every day. You might be a businessperson, a surgeon, or perhaps your passion is music or art. Each of us strives to get better at what we do and those who succeed take risk (the definition of entrepreneur) and balance this with their day-to-day

Announcing the 2019 Codman Shoulder Society Meeting

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I am excited to announce the program for the 6th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting, to be held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 in San Diego, California. This year, we will discuss innovation in healthcare, including the measurement of outcomes of care, disruptive innovation in the academic medical center, and how to improve quality through measurement. Attached to this post are the meeting agenda and a description of the speakers. We hope that you will attend this innovative conference! Best Regards, Jon “JP” Warner, MD Founder, Codman Shoulder Society

Lessons on Leadership by Lou D’Ambrosio, Former CEO of Sears Corp.

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: As some of you may know I have been at Harvard Business School and recently graduated. But more on this later. One of the inspiring lectures I heard from a leader in industry was offered by Lou D’Ambrosio. His career is inspiring as he was the youngest Executive leader in IBM’s History and subsequently became the CEO for Sears at the time of it’s greatest performance. After his departure, as we all know, Sears failed. He gives a post-mortem analysis of this. Most importantly he shares reflections on leadership and development of yourself. All of us can benefit from his insights…. Best Regards, Jon “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS