“What I’ve Learned: Innovation in Shoulder Surgery: The Impact On Our Patients” by Joseph Zuckerman,

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Few surgeons have been as impactful as Dr. Zuckerman when it comes to critical analysis of shoulder care and teaching. Here are a few thoughts on his view of Innovation in Shoulder Surgery. “In medicine we are constantly striving to do things better” Codman was first and foremost a proponent about measuring to improve. In the words of Bob Kaplan, a distinguished professor at Harvard Business School, “If you can’t measure it, you manage it, and if you can’t manage it, you can’t improve it.” Joe Zuckerman is all about thoughtful measurement, management and improvement. A message we should all hear! “Getting to this end point included some missteps along the way

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Orthopedics

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Artificial Intelligence is here in Orthopedics. Enclosed is an Article from Reznik and Urish which considers the possibilities. This is just a primer. We are currently entering a healthy period which I call “Digital Wars.” Many companies you know are exploring the applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics and navigation as well as Artificial Intelligence. The latter is slowly making it’s way into orthopedics. In future posts I’ll be discussing what I am seeing as a revolution which may soon provide real value to patients by mechanisms including engineering error avoidance during surgery, improving inventory management, and lowering the cos

What is Your Life Expectancy and Your Purpose?

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Chances are some of us will live to 100! Have you considered what you will do with your years? It may well be this depends on where in the world you call home. Enclosed is an article from UBS investment services, which presents insight into this dilemma. As we are all at least intellectual entrepreneurs, we may have to balance the tension of health vs. wealth. How much would you pay for 10 extra years? For my part, I think wealth is just a vehicle for freedom and time to pursue what you find most purposeful and fulfilling in life. I also believe that if what you do is not called “work” you’ve chosen the right path in life. I hope you find this of interest.

The Future of Work

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a link to an HBS Podcast on Artificial Intelligence (AI) otherwise known as Machine Learning. This is technology which will affect every element of our lives including Orthopedics. As a primer to what I will send on about AI for Orthopedics, I thought this would be interesting as something you might want to hear. Kind Regards, JP Warner Founder, CSS