The Robots are Coming...

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an article about robotic surgery in orthopedics. Even if you haven’t thought about this it will be coming your way, or at least an alternative will arrive to your operating room soon. There is conflicting data on the cost effectiveness and, indeed, clinical effectiveness of this technology; however, this may be the result of how we measure value. Porter (Porter M and Lee T: The Strategy that will Fix Healthcare. HBS.org, Oct. 2013) has defined Value in three tiers: Tier 1: This is the Degree of recovery. It is the initial outcome, and as such, it is often used to determine if a technology or new implant is clinically effective as well as cost effe

Physicians vs. Administrators: The Value Imbalance

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an article that might be of some interest to all in healthcare and especially in the business of Orthopedics. The final message might be, if you really want to succeed in the business of Orthopedics, get an MBA and go into Management. While that might seem cynical, numbers don’t lie and if accounting is “the language of business” as I was told at Harvard Business School, then the message is clear. We have a problem of incentives in this business. At my own institution I analyzed 3 years of IRS returns for my hospital and observed the following: When I set an annual income threshold of $750,000 there were 7 physicians in all specialties with a cumu

Wisdom from James B.

Wisdom from James B. Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I recently attended Harvard Business School and while the Professors were exceptional and inspiring I got at least as much inspiration and insight from my peers. James was one of my living group colleagues who often offered insight from the perspective of a former Navy pilot. I share this with you today. As James is a man of few words, this is short, but very deep. Consider how it might affect your day-to-day activities. Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS Wisdom from James B. Approach to daily function and to problems you will confront: Strategy: We do this (plan) more when we get older and if we’re smart we delegate. Execution:

Invitation to the 6th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting

Dear Codman Shoulder Society Members and Colleagues, You are cordially invited to the 6th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, June 22nd at the conclusion of the 2019 San Diego Shoulder Course. This year, we are honored to have Dr. Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School as a Guest Speaker, as well as presentations from Dr. Andrew Jawa, Navy Seal Jimmy May, and myself. This year our focus will be on Business and Innovation as well as review of our ongoing projects. The program details are included in this message. This year the meeting will be recorded by VuMedi. If you plan on attending this year’s meeting, please RSVP to Alex, one of my research assista

Presentations from the Balgrist Shoulder Course

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a link to the presentations from the Balgrist Shoulder Course. This will also remain on the CSS Website under “Important Links.” Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Superior Capsular Reconstruction vs. Tendon Transfer

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I was recently asked to speak to the AAOS on the topic of Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) vs Tendon Transfer (TT). The enclosed link is a short video interview which considers our work using the SOS Database to analyze the question of superiority of SCR vs TT. I am also including a link to our recent poster on this topic as well as a comparison of Latissimus Dorsi vs Lower Trapezius Tendon transfer. This was work performed by Drs. Eric Wagner and Jarret Woodmass. I hope you find this of interest. Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS

The Wisdom and Creativity of the French (and others)...

Dear CSS. Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is the digital book of the 2019 Paris International Shoulder International Shoulder Course, which this year was a summit on shoulder arthroplasty. This is a fantastic meeting and usually occurs every few years with a focus on a specific shoulder topic. This year the meeting was attended by > 600 participants. Consider this great educational opportunity perhaps in 2021! Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

The Value of Time

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I thought it might be interesting to invite all you “Type A’s” to reflect on something with which we all struggle. Which would you prefer? Time or Money? Which do you think will make you happier? Enclosed are several articles from Harvard Business School which consider the “Value of Time Affluence”. Consider the gift of time you give yourself and you give to others. How do you feel when you prioritize time over money? As Professor Whillans says, “The happiest people use their money to buy time.” The question then is why is it that people who earn more money feel more pressured for time? My personal view is that if you make money a top 10 priority but not a t

The Balgrist Shoulder Course

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I recently attended The Balgrist Shoulder Course in Zurich, Switzerland. This year the focus was on Rotator Cuff Tears including treatment from Arthroscopy to Reverse Prosthesis. As in years past, this was a critical and innovative course. The entire Balgrist team participated and the course was over-sold as usual. The Program Chairs were great hosts and managers and the faculty was exceptional. So, what were a few things I learned that I might share with you? Click here to see. I hope you may keep an open mind and consider the trip to Zurich for the next Balgrist Shoulder Course. Few venues afford such a blend of intellectual, surgical, and collegial exchang