The Value Dilemma: Cost Control vs. Innovation

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a short article which takes a 30,000 view of hospital strategy and priority. For all of us who would want to innovate better treatment for our patients, this will be a growing challenge. Innovation comes in three forms in healthcare according to Regina Herzlinger of Harvard Business School: Technological Innovation: This might include newer types of implants, application of technology such as robotics, navigation and mixed media (VR, AR, and AI), etc. Consumer Innovation: This would include newer models of care delivery often requiring restructuring or realignments. Integrator Innovation: This would include utilizing two or more technologies or c

Fairness in Compensation

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an article I authored in collaboration with Brian Cole, MD, Ph.D., MBA and Jim Herndon, MD, MBA 12 years ago. Brian was my fellow and Jim Herndon my teacher and mentor. Both are friends and both have left an indelible mark on Orthopedics as a result of blending surgical skill and insights form business training. The concept proposed in this article considers a framework for incentivizing those of us who work in an “academic program”. To be sure, the definition of such work environments is quite broad; however, core values may be more narrow than we might imagine. In the 12 years since we wrote this I’ve come to understand that “academics” is a sta

Resilience as Your Most Important Attribute

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Few things are sure except death and taxes, but one other thing that is a given is your failure. In fact, this is an important part of success. Failure leads to several important positive effects, and all of these can be classified under the term resilience. First, failure teaches us how not to fail. Second, it gives us contrast for success. Third, it strengthens resolve for the next time. These seem simple, but for all of us who fashion ourselves an intellectual entrepreneur, the freedom to fail is essential. Many great companies like Google embed this into their business ethic. Enclosed are a few examples of individuals who have changed the world by first f

The Era of Reverse Prosthesis

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: For those of you who are shoulder surgeons and don’t read much, here is an article you may have missed. There are many other articles published and coming out which have clearly shown a trend for growth of reverse prosthesis in shoulder arthroplasty. The article enclosed shows the personal journey of my former partner, Larry Higgins and myself. As many of you may have worked with me years ago I thought you might be interested in the evolution of my practice. Recently, my former fellow, Eric Wagner, showed me work he is submitting for publication which analyzes a large national database and shows the projected growth of shoulder arthroplasty to be 349% by 2025