Inventing our Future: The Next Generation of Surgeons

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: On June 20th we will have the 8th meeting of the Codman Shoulder Society. The title of our meeting is “Technological Disruption in Shoulder Surgery.” While we are a group committed to innovation in management of problems which afflict the shoulder, first and foremost, we are a think tank committed to Codman’s statement of Purpose, “Give me something that is different, for there is a chance of it being better…” Furthermore, over the past 8 years we have gained engagement of non-surgeons who may also be interested in innovation in healthcare. So, I regularly post on non-shoulder topics. Thus, I share with you an article sent to me by one of our members, Dr. Jon

[Philippe Collin] "Pseudoparalysis: Definition, Etiology and Prognosis of Recovery?" on Vu

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a link to a vumedi video by Philippe Collin. This is a wonderful presentation which clarifies based on anatomical and functional studies, the condition we refer to as "pseudoparalysis". There has been much confusion about this condition, largely owing to the consideration for which treatment may be best for a given patient. I believe this confusion stems partly from individual cognitive bias about which operations we tend to favor. Dr. Collin clarifies this in a logical presentation. Not surprisingly for many this will remain a condition defined differently than the one presented by Philippe Collin. But in the end I think our mind set on such th

Friends Exercise

Dear CSS Members & Colleagues: Enclosed is a link to a short video by Simon Sinek. Occasionally I'll post on topics relevant to your own self development as who you are is essential to your impact as a surgeon, business person, and leader. Simon Sinek wrote some absolutely must read books for anyone interested in this topic: "Start with Why" and "Leaders Eat Last." These were on my short list and should be on yours as well. What Simon Sinek suggests here is taking stock in why people believe you are a friend. When I was at Harvard Business School we did a similar exercise entitled "Best Self". The point is, unlike a 360 degree survey which tells you all the negatives about how you interact w

The Future Patient Experience

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I thought you might be interested to hear what McKinsey Consultants think the future Patient Experience in a Hospital Setting may be. They consider innovations in Technology and Customer experience which offer a value proposition of a better experience, better outcomes, and lower cost. Since Codman's said "Show me something different, for there is a chance of it being better" we should consider how much of their vision aligns with our own. Kind Regards, "JP" Warner, MD Founder, CSS Click here to see video

Remembering Clayton Christensen

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: This past week a Gentle Giant of Business (He was 6’8”) and Spirituality passed away. Clayton Christensen managed to differentiate between success in business and in life and in his own words pointed out that “God does not employ accountants.” This means that he truly believed the metrics of measuring our life’s worth including money, power, and accomplishments are short term measures versus the long term measures such as mentorship and impact on others. Of the many seminal publications he contributed to our understanding of Disruptive Innovation and Business Strategy, the one which has influenced me the most was a book he wrote entitled “How Will You Measure