Accounting for Physicians Webinar Follow-up

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: As a follow-up to the above webinar, Dr. Goel posed the question, “How does Apple pay only 17% tax on annual earnings.” Lauren answered the following: This article may help answer the question Danny asked about Apple: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/taxes/twice-many-companies-paying-zero-taxes-under-trump-tax-plan-n993046 What Apple has done is taken tax paid/profit and this equals about 17% which is not the 21% US tax rate (corporate tax rate)— this is because the 21% tax rate is applied not just to the profit we see on the income statement, but also to the profit figure adjusted for various deductible expenses, credits, etc Without getting too complicated

Leadership Framework for Orthopedic Surgeons Webinar

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an invitation for a unique webinar in which I have been asked to play a role. The topic is “Leadership”. This is specifically directed at Surgeons and Physicians, as most of us have not developed these skills, but understandably, have focused on our skills as physicians and surgeons. While this has benefited our patients, it has left us with a number of blind spots and a lack of understanding of our role in the Healthcare world. I am honored to collaborate with Alan Friedman and Bryan Warren of J3Personica (https://j3personica.com). These are two special individuals whose company motto is “Redefining Personality for Healthcare.” I think this will

"Accounting for Surgeons" Webinar Recording

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Please find enclosed the Link to the recording for our recent webinar. If you missed this, you may find this informative. It is organized in sections with consideration of the following: Understanding Financial Statements Understanding Profit vs Cashflow Understanding Ratios Understanding Budgeting Understanding TDABC (Time Determined Activity Based Costing) applications to healthcare. The link below brings you to VuMedi (www.vumedi.com) which is a video network for healthcare. It does require a sign in and it is a free site. The size of the video precludes me sending a direct link. If you are an MD, simply register according to the instructions. If you are n

ASES Fellow's Core Curriculum Series

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: In case you haven’t seen the announcement from the ASES, here is an invitation for the ASES Fellows Conference program. Please share this and make sure all are aware of this valuable resource. Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Accounting for Surgeons Conference

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Please find enclosed an announcement for a program invitation for all of you. This is an unconventional topic but one of great importance to those who may not have a clear understanding about the financial factors which affect us all as surgeons and business people. I imagine some of you may already have a good understanding of basic finances and applications to healthcare, but did you know how different accounting practices affect how our hospitals make decisions about their business practice? Because this is a multi-center presentation I wanted to ask you to individually reply so that we have a good understanding of how many may want to participate. Once I