Leadership in Cultural Context

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Many of you work in a leadership role and even if you don’t have a title, this information will be useful. Enclosed is a video I received from one of my former HBS classmates. It is a concise presentation on Leadership in the context of different cultural norms. Insight and Empathy are two important components of effective leadership. I recommend you take about two and a half minutes to review this video. Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Scapula Tethering Solution for STAM (Scapulo-Thoracic Abnormal Motion)

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I invite you to consider a question asked by Buzz Burkhead about a patient with mild FSH who might not be a candidate for fusion. Bassem presents the concept of “Scapular Tethering Solution for Scapulo-Thoracic Abnormal Motion (STAM) with examples of his cases that have solved the patients problem. Enclosed is the link to this case discussion. Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS

The Gift of Global Talent

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I thought I might share with you a great book I recently read as it has relevance to the world facing us ahead in the Business of Healthcare. This is a short review and if you want more information by all means buy the book. I have included a short video by the author explaining is concepts. I hope this is of interest, Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, CSS

The Patient Experience: Creating Value Beyond Just Outcome

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: The post-pandemic healthcare world will present many new challenges and it will re-define how we measure value of care. While measuring outcomes and improving them is the principle goal for all surgeons, patient experience may well be what defines value. I would anticipate that Mergers and Acquisitions will redefine healthcare to a degree, as distressed healthcare ventures are acquired by larger entities. This risks all of us becoming commoditized just like the anchors we use for rotator cuff repair. Patients will have a difficult time differentiating individual physicians from the Brand in which they work, and even within large brand organizations like Mayo

Leadership Skills for Physicians

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: I recently had the honor of speaking to the Mexican Shoulder and Elbow Society on the topic of Leadership. It was also a privilege to collaborate with J3Personica (https://j3personica.com ), a wonderful consulting, coaching, research and training firm focused exclusively on physicians and healthcare professionals. Quite simply, this is the most thoughtful and impactful consultant group that I’ve experienced in the area of leadership development. Our purpose was to present a framework for developing leadership skills needed to navigate the complex Healthcare World in which we must work. I hope you find this of interest. Please find the link below: The link bel