Digital Technology in Shoulder Surgery

Dear Colleagues: It is now very clear that digital technology is changing shoulder surgery and, in particular, shoulder arthroplasty. The following videos on VuMedi are a few examples of how innovative surgeons are partnering with like-minded companies to improve our strategy and execution in shoulder arthroplasty. There are many more on VuMedi and other sites and publications. I encourage you to pay attention as the present moves quickly to the future in this case. Kind Regards, “JP” Warner, MD Founder, The CSS Recent videos on planning, navigation, etc: "Shoulder Arthroplasty Using GPS Navigation" by Dr. Scott Trenhaile, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL. Click here to view: Shou

“Where Does it Hurt?: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Healthcare” by Jonathan Bush

Dear CSS Members & Colleagues: Enclosed are two chapters in a very interesting book that should be required reading if you are interested in the future of healthcare in the USA. Jonathan Bush is the founder of Athena Healthcare ( https://www.athenahealth.com/ ) and is the nephew of George W. Bush. But don’t hold that last part against him. As you can see in what I’ve sent, he is a rebel, or in his own words “One of the Crazies” as he fashions himself akin to Steve Jobs as he has a desire to disrupt healthcare the way Apple disrupted the personal computer market. Indeed, Clayton Christensen, the originator of the concept of Disruptive Innovation, wrote the forward to this book ( https://36eb

For all you "Type A's"... Are you a success junkie?

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is an article entitled “Why success won’t make you happy.” Why would I send this to you? My purpose is to give you a moment to pause and reflect on career and balance in your life, particularly when we have so much written about Physician Burnout. Google this term and you’ll get almost 9 Million results. I have previously posted on CSS on “Warner’s Corner” on the concept of Resume values vs Eulogy values (https://www.codmansociety.org/single-post/2019/10/11/Resume-vs-Eulogy-Virtues ) . It is not necessary to wait until later in your life to consider these principles. Finally, Clayten Christensen (https://www.codmansociety.org/single-post/2020/02/03/R

A Framework for Innovation in Healthcare: An Interview with Professor Regina Herzlinger, the first w

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a recent posting on LINKEDIN on a former HBS Professor of mine. This is worth a read for anyone who wants to understand healthcare innovation for value and the potential for future developments which indeed create value. In 2015 I participated in the “Big Innovations in Global Healthcare” Executive Program at Harvard Business School. Prof. Herzlinger’s teaching had a major effect on the way I approach research and it refocused my interest on value creation in all research I undertake. This built on my past education with Prof. Michael Porter at HBS and led me to further develop the Codman Shoulder Society into a “Group” of individuals interested i

How to (Actually) Change Someone's Mind

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Enclosed is a brief posting from HBR on how to negotiate change with individuals who are resistors. Change management has been the subject of many academic and opinion pieces. There are over 4 Million Results when one searches on Google for “Change Management”. Here is a succinct strategy on how to address different individuals with whom you may need to negotiate. I hope this is helpful. Best Regards, JP Warner Founder, CSS

Congratulations to our Fellows!

Congratulations to our Fellowship Team at MGH and to our graduating fellows. It was a “different” kind of year and we all pulled together to make the best of a difficult situation with COVID-19. Thanks to all who participated in our great fellowship program including Andy Jawa, MD at New England Baptist Hospital and Neal Chen, MD and Luke Oh, MD at MGH. Best of luck to Florian Grubhofer (who goes back to Balgrist Kilinik in Zurich, Switzerland) and Andres Muniz who goes to private practice in Puerto Rico. “JP” Warner, Fellowship Director and Founder, The Boston Shoulder Institute at MGH