"The Business of Orthopedics: Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities"

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: You may remember that some months ago I solicited questions from you to pose to a panel of experts representing stakeholders in the Business of Orthopedics. We produced a series of videos featured on Vumedi (www.vumedi.com). Recently The Journal of Orthopedic Experience and Innovation published an article on our collective work entitled “The Business of Orthopedics: Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities- A Codman Shoulder Society Discussion.” I am enclosing this article as a pdf as well as the link to the article in the Journal. Each section has a link to the individual video of the author, so you can select sections to watch on Vumedi if you are interes

"What Does the Future Hold for Anatomic TSA?" by Dr. Gilles Walch

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: In case you missed this notification from Vumedi, this is a short and very important presentation by Gilles Walch on the “Future of Anatomical Shoulder Replacement.” This was presented at the last ASAP Meeting. For future reference please be aware that this is the most focused and impactful meeting on shoulder arthroplasty presented globally so consider attending the next meeting. Here is the link to the 2022 ASAP Meeting: https://asapmeeting.org/#:~:text=Our%20next%20ASAP%20meeting%20will,2022%20in%20beautiful%20Snowbird%2C%20Utah. "What Does the Future Hold for Anatomic TSA?" by Dr. Gilles Walch, Centre Orthopedique Santy, Lyon, France. Presented at ASAP -

Leadership without a Title

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: Getting surgeons to think about Leadership, self-management and Teamwork is not an easy task. Most of us are focused on technical elements and decision-making for best care of our patients. We don’t learn other skills essential to the business reality of the healthcare world in which we live. I was honored to be asked to give the 13th Annual Thorndyke Lecture at Harvard Medical School and the MGH. My title slide is above. If this is of interest to you, here is the link to my lecture and our discussions: https://players.brightcove.net/745468013001/default_default/index.html?videoId=6201108529001 Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Grand Rounds Lecture on "Leadership"

Dear CSS Colleagues and members: Enclosed below is a Zoom invite to the Grand Rounds Presentation I will be doing if anyone is interested in the topic of “Leadership”. We will also post a link to the recorded Zoom presentation the week following this presentation. Kind Regards, JP Warner MD Founder, CSS MGH Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 13th Annual Augustus Thorndike Grand Rounds Lecture Thursday, October 15, 2020 6:45am-7:45am (via Zoom) Speaker: Jon JP Warner, MD Chief, Shoulder Service Acting Chief, Sports Medicine Service Chair, Quality and Safety for Orthopedics Director, Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship Program Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Massachusetts General Ho

Principles from Every Self-Help Book Ever Written

Dear CSS Members & Colleagues: Enclosed is a short article that reflects on how to become a better version of yourself. It's relevant to virtually everyone who wonders what they might do better in routine day-to-day function and in crisis situations. I hope you find it helpful. Kind Regards, JP Warner, MD Founder, CSS

Navigating Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues: In case you missed it here is a nice presentation by Ken Faber on the role and impact of Navigation on positioning of a total shoulder arthroplasty. The future of shoulder arthroplasty will be built on software that makes our work more reproducible and eliminates errors. Navigation is one strategy. I will be following up with others. Discussion on this Digital Evolution to arthroplasty will be an important one. Best Regards, “JP” Warner MD Founder, CSS Here is the link to the video: "Navigation in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Does It Improve Implant Position?" by Dr. Kenneth Faber, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. Presented at ASAP - Advanced Sh