Nov 30, 2020

Bilateral Glenoid Dysplasia

This is a 23 y/o male patient with a history of multiple joint deformities. He presents with bilateral glenoid dysplasia and posterior instability. What are his options? 

Sep 04, 2020

Profound Posterior Glenoid Deficiency

This is a 38 year old male with chronic should pain beginning in 2016. He was noted to have mild glenoid dysplasia and osteoarthritis. He presents for further management. Here is a similar case from Dr. Stephen Parada. What are his options?

Feb 03, 2020

Bony Bankart

This patient was snowboarding and had a mishap leading to a left shoulder dislocation. After reduction, images were obtained. What are his options?

Jan 02, 2019

Recurrent Shoulder Pain and Subjective Feeling of Instability

Patient presents with posterior pain and complaints of "microsubluxation" following a past surgical history consisting of an arthroscopic Bankart repair and an arthroscopic capsular shift. With pain 0-7/10 and an SSV of 10%, what are his treatment options? 

Nov 08, 2018

Glenoid Dysplasia with Posterior Shoulder Pain

An active duty patient presents with bilateral glenoid dysplasia, symptomatic only on the left side without antecedent injury. Patient reports feeling posterior shoulder pain and a sense of instability. What are his surgical options?

Oct 30, 2018

Shoulder Dislocation in the Setting of Complex Surgical History

Patient presents with a Subject Shoulder Value of 40% following dislocation in the setting of a complex surgical history, including: a total shoulder replacement, an open reduction and internal fixation, and a subscapularis repair. What are his options?

Sep 17, 2018

Painful Posterior Dislocation

Patient presents with shoulder pain and mild osteoarthritis following a traumatic posterior dislocation. In addition to posterior glenoid reconstruction and total shoulder arthroplasty with bone graft or augmented glenoid, what are his other treatment options?

Jun 13, 2018

Patient with Failed Bankart and Glenoid Retroversion

Patient presents after a failed Bankart repair with increasing pain. CT demonstrates glenoid retroversion. What are his options?

Jun 06, 2018

Stiffness after Latarjet and Capsular Release

Patient presents with stiffness after a Latarjet and capsular release. What are her options?

Mar 15, 2018

SLAP and Bankart Repair

Enclosed is a case of a 21-year-old collegiate basketball player with a Bankart lesion and Type 2 SLAP after two dislocations. Perhaps you thought about how to address the SLAP lesion, or not. Here are articles form more than 20 years ago, which provide a biomechanical rationale for why you should repair a SLAP lesion.

Dec 08, 2017

Dysplastic Glenoid and Biceps Pain

Young male with chronic history of right shoulder pain diagnosed with glenoid dysplasia and labral abnormality. What are his options? 

Mar 30, 2018

Posterior Glenoid Deficiency

Young, active patient with posterior glenoid instability. Presents with increasing pain with overhead activities. What are his options?

Apr 01, 2018

Posterior Labral Repair

Middle-aged patient with posterior/superior labral tear and degenerative arthritis. Further, >20 degrees retroversion and ~80% posterior subluxation. What are his options?

Apr 06, 2018

Recurrent Shoulder Instability with Seizure Disorder

Young patient with bilateral recurrent shoulder instability after failed Latarjet with recently diagnosed seizure disorder. 

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