The Era of Reverse Prosthesis

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

For those of you who are shoulder surgeons and don’t read much, here is an article you may have missed. There are many other articles published and coming out which have clearly shown a trend for growth of reverse prosthesis in shoulder arthroplasty. The article enclosed shows the personal journey of my former partner, Larry Higgins and myself. As many of you may have worked with me years ago I thought you might be interested in the evolution of my practice.

Recently, my former fellow, Eric Wagner, showed me work he is submitting for publication which analyzes a large national database and shows the projected growth of shoulder arthroplasty to be 349% by 2025. This is driven principally by growth of reverse prosthesis and it dwarfs the growth rate for Total knee and hip arthroplasty. On a dollar value for this rate of growth will be staggering.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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