[Kevin Plancher] "Superior Capsular Reconstruction" on VuMedi

Dear CSS Members:

Enclosed are two presentations on Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR). These are two of many featured on vumedi.com and I encourage you to go look at others on this website. Most presentations are by expert surgeons who demonstrate their elegant technique for this procedure. It appears SCR is here as a real option for treatment as over 20,000 cases have been performed already. We are seeing a number of publications of small cohort studies (Level 4 evidence mostly) that encourage use of this treatment method. We should keep an open mind but seek more compelling evidence. Perhaps it is time for a multicenter SCR study group (or perhaps some other group is doing this already). Given the hype and the desire to know for sure if this is a durable treatment, it seems that our group could do > 100-200 in a year or so and then follow these. If we undertake to do this, I would suggest that all involved have no COI or perceived conflict of interest or bias. I welcome your input.

Kind Regards,

JP Warner, MD

"Superior Capsular Reconstruction" by Dr. Kevin Plancher. Presented at FORE 2016 Current Solutions in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery .

Click here to view: Superior Capsular Reconstruction

"Let’s Take a Second Look: Considerations for Superior Capsular Reconstruction Biopsy" by Dr. Markus Scheibel, Schulthess Clinic, Zurich, Switzerland. Presented at San Diego Shoulder Institute 2018.

Click here to view: Let’s Take a Second Look: Considerations for Superior Capsular Reconstruction Biopsy

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