Critical Shoulder Angle Controversy

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Christian Gerber has said, “If two people agree one is not a surgeon.” Gerber also gave us the concept of Critical Shoulder Angle (CSA). So, there is a  controversy regarding the application of this concept not only to rotator cuff etiology but to effect on healing after repair. There is also a controversy as this relates to shoulder arthroplasty and that is the focus of this communication. Enclosed is one of Gerber’s original articles on the concept of CSA and also three papers which claim or refute  an important effect on shoulder arthroplasty. You be the judge. This is an area that deserves some discussion.

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Gerber et al
., BJJ, 2013 - Is there an a
Download , BJJ, 2013 - IS THERE AN A • 948KB
CSA angle and TSA and RCT
Download PDF • 414KB
Glenoid component loosening associated w
Download • 558KB
Mantell 2017
Download PDF • 488KB

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